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2027: New political movement emerges, vows to sack APC, silence others



Ahead of the 2027 general election, a new political movement, the Allied Conservative Congress, ACC, has emerged and has vowed to displace the ruling political party, the All Progressives Congress, APC and rescue Nigeria.

ACC said it would rescue Nigeria from its slide to anarchy, economic depression, political upheavals and hopelessness

ACC said it is strongly determined to sail Nigerians to a greater and brighter destination and make the country great again with its conservation ideology as enshrined in Chapter 2, Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy, of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.

The party accused past and present administrations of clearly neglecting and observing in breach provisions of the 1999 Constitution since the restoration of democracy in 1999.

“It is this hijacking of the government by a cabal and exclusion of the people in the affairs of government that led to the horrible situation of Nigeria today and the urgent need to rescue and salvage it immediately,” the party said in a statement signed by Alh Abubakar Sadiq, its National Publicity Secretary.

”All patriotic Nigerians and lovers of democracy have seen the need for the formation of a new political movement that will pioneer and pilot the rescue mission of our beloved country before it is too late.

“Eminent Nigerians with conservative bent have met severally across the country, brainstormed, strategized and charted the way forward for the country.

“Existing political movements, political parties, politicians with progressive ideology have offered their services to the nation which instead of improving the well-being of citizens rather impoverished them which resulted in the current national tragedy, disillusionment and confusion in governance.

“The Allied Conservative Congress is resolved to make a difference and stand out among the motley crowd of political groups and parties that are promoting democracy in Nigeria and seeking the people’s mandate to rule.

“It has since applied to the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC for registration as a political party. And has structures across the 36 states of the federation and Abuja.

“Leaders and members of ACC are men and women of honour, integrity, and probity, with exceeding passion to make Nigeria forever great by restoring sanity, morality, honesty, uprightness, national cohesion, unity and patriotism. Nigerian people who belong to our political movement have an equal stake in the movement irrespective of ethnicity, religion and gender.

ACC members are guided by its motto which is “Sailing Nigerians to a Greater Destination”. Its flag consists of three equal-sized vertical curved stripes, green, white and purple and the movement’s logo is inside the white part of the flag. “

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