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Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has said her life took a new turn after she stopped having sex.

The 34-year-old actress commending herself for not been sexually active, said she has been celibate for two years.

Ogbodo disclosed this on her official Instagram page.

According to her, she has not gone close to a man in the past two years.

The actress said she was happy to keep her body for such a long time as it made her life better.

She wrote: “Since I went back to being a virgin, my life has indeed taken a new turn. Two years Celibacy no be Beans. I am so happy.”

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The unseen time not poverty




When will you get out of these?

Voices of mockery everywhere

Windows unchoked

Outside unplastered

Open roof; house ceiling not in place

You don’t seem bothered

You look up to your pilot

As you are in an airplane of problem

Murmurs from here and there fills your ears

Question marks here and there

When will you treat your Ablepsia?

Ignorant voices questions

Even your mind questions you

When scorpion becomes the order of the day

Though your pilot is in control

Short-put for defecation

Officialdom has also become one of your questionnaire

Boom; they appear unknown to you

Appear on a faithful day

Large mouths threatens to lock the house

Where is your lavatory?

Children’s hands spread out to indicate

Every landed space as a loo

Officialdom cheekbone is now red due to fury

Your pilot is in control

You guys, the parents vroom at dayspring; at that time

At that time; church member is sent by pilot

As a air-hostess to serve them cold drinks

To cool their temper

To lighten their souls

Air-hostess serve them cold drinks

Still their bulging eyes burns with fury

These officialdom are still not settled

Padlocks already in the hands of their leader

With bulging eyes

Eyes wide enough to swallow up the children and the plane of problem

Church member pleads

Pleads a thousand times

Your pilot finally controls their leader

Story narrated to you on getting home

You are ever grateful to the one UNSEEN

You are grateful to your pilot

Patience ran the race for you

In less than a decade you are out

Out of your plane of problem

The voices of mockery are silent

Itchy ears are deaf

Your pilot has landed you

Safe on Canaan land

You are forever happy

Hence you are no longer in your plane of problem.


 Summary: This is about a family that have been managing in a meager house for almost ten years, the family believes that they are in a plane of problem, the parents did not see their problem as poverty because money coming in was used in investing on their children lives. They are living happily somewhere at Badagry, Lagos state.

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Procrastination flew you away



Oh my loving Desdemona

Time could not wait for you

Your owners procastinate your life

But could not procrastinate your death

Delay caught you by the throat

Even when your owners were ready

Ready to save your life

Mr A was the problem

But Mr B cure was administered to you

Different pins went into your skin daily

These wicked vets., refused to allow your owners know about the nature of your sickness

These vets became useful fools

Even when the nature of your sickness was discovered

It was already too late

Too late to revive you

For the cold fingers already held you by the throat

For the sickness has eaten you deep

Deep beyond measures

The last pin entered your skin

Its content deliberating life or death

The last pin entered into your skin and its content sent you packing

Out of these beautiful world

Oh no the youngest owner watched

Watched the world crumble

For our beautiful Desdemona breath her last

Breath her last; at the same time tears dropped

Out of our last born’s eyes.

Summary: This write up is an Eulogy for the death of a dog. The owners of the dog lives at Oko-afo, Badagry. It was written by the last child of that family because of how close the child was to that dog, the last child is now a grown up and has decided to write an Eulogy for her lost Desdemona… Eulogy for a dog?


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“Nigerian pastors are fraudsters” – Singer, Samklef says, reconciles with Daddy Freeze



Nigerian Singer, Samklef and Daddy Freeze have ended their squabble 3 years after they mercilessly dragged and blocked each other on social media.

Recall that in 2018, Samklef and Daddy Freeze disagreed over religion.

Trouble started when Freeze criticized a report about the healing of a mentally challenged man at an RCCG church.

Samklef, who was displeased with his critics against men of God, slammed Freeze, telling him that his constant criticism of the church was getting boring.

The exchange heated up, with Freeze telling Samklef his career was dead which led to the singer calling him a “fake ass oyinbo” and his followers “mumu Satan followers”.

What Daddy Freeze said about Sound Sultan after his death

Following the development, they later blocked and unfollowed each other on all their social media platforms.

However, Samklef took to his Instagram account on Sunday to reach out to Daddy Freeze, stating that he can now see “clearly”.

He said most religious leaders are “419” and Freeze was right all along.

“I was blind and ignorant but now I understand and can see clearly.

“Everything Daddy Freeze has been saying is the truth. 90 percent of the so called Nigerian men of God are fraudsters.

“It’s your faith that makes you whole so they collect money for miracles that happens through you.

‘Praying to Lucifer more effective than praying to Jesus’ – Daddy Freeze

“Daddy Freeze is the John the baptist of this generation. I can finally see,” he wrote.

In his response, Freeze acknowledged his acceptance and admitted he should have been patient with Samklef at the time.

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