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Buhari Vs Atiku…..CUPP uncovers FG’s ‘plot’ in front of Supreme Court fight



The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has claimed that National Government’s has requested attack against judges in Nigeria in type of a solicitation from the Nigerian Money related Insight Unit (NFIU) that all banks discharge subtleties of financial balances of all judges of the supreme Court.

Its representative, Imo Ugochinyere, in an announcement on Sunday, asserted this was synchronous with another solicitation from one of the security

organization to all portable media transmission organizations to outfit them with the telephone log of the judges other recorded Nigerians from first August, 2018 till tenth September, 2019.

It said this pursued the council administering which gave President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) triumph over the Atiku Abubakar of the Individuals’ Majority rule Gathering (PDP).

The announcement stated: “We note that while the administration attempted to hole up behind one finger by including individuals from the National Get together to the rundown of those whose financial balances are under observation, it didn’t prevail with regards to concealing its expectation since obviously there was no notice of any individual from the official arm of government in the NFIU letter.

“Or on the other hand are there no degenerate people in the Official arm of government? We would not have been so shocked by this most recent government activity since a similar government had before requested a 12 PM attack on places of certain judges and furthermore evacuated a sitting Boss Equity of Nigeria in a most disputable way.

“A similar government sent security specialists to lay attack on the National Get together with the end goal of constraining an initiative change.

“Our worry, in any case, is that these orders to attack the security of the judges plainly ensured by the 1999 Constitution is coming at a time the alliance presidential competitor, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, is moving toward the Preeminent Court to challenge the judgment of the Presidential Race Request Council.

“Lounging in the rapture of the accomplishment of their arm-curving plot at the Court of Claim, they are busy again now in the Incomparable Court. We make striking to state that this most recent assault is a piece of composed designs to extort the judges of the Preeminent Court, scare them

furthermore, impart dread in them. Be that as it may, this move will reverse discharge. It will fall flat.

“We approach all judges of the Incomparable Court to stand firm, persevere through the assault of the head and his merciless specialists and utilize the expression of

their mouth on day of atonement to bring his rule of dread and taken command to an end and free Nigeria from this present bad dream.

“We in this manner approach all admirers of vote based system over the world to give more consideration to happenings in Nigeria as the country’s majority rule government is being undermined day by day by government’s activities.”

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ASUU Strike: Awaiting meeting result of FG with the union is out




The meeting of the Federal Government with Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), was meant at evaluating the implementation of the Memorandum of Action (MOA) which was entered into by both parties and became successful.

Chris Ngige was interviewed and he said that the meeting analysed seven main issues with both parties expressing satisfaction with the completion stages, adding that “work is in progress”.

According to him, some of the items in the MOA were nearly done 100 percent within the time of the meeting.

The minister said that the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) was instructed to carry out action on the integrity test on the University Transparency Accountability Solution (UTAS).

He said, ”If successful, it will eliminate the challenges posed by the peculiarities of the university system to the current payment platform.”

Ngige said the government had also paid the N30 billion as the University Revitalisation Fund contained in the MOA since January 2021.

He said, “The report has been turned in, deliberated upon and both the Education Ministry and the NUC have promised to write to the Accountant General of the Federation next week for the release of the money to the NEEDS Special Account for onward disbursement to universities shortly.”

The minister added, “On the proliferation of State universities, a bill has been sent to the National Assembly by the NUC to strengthen its arms in terms of delisting universities where funding and other parameters are inadequate.

”ASUU is to go back to its members so that we can have a proper update on the extent of the inconsistencies in payment.

”We expressed our displeasure that these things are happening – amputation of salaries, not-too-clear, foggy things happening over peoples monthly emoluments. So we’ve asked IPPIS and ASUU to work together over this.”

Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment, disclosed this while addressing journalists at the end of a closed-door meeting in Abuja on Monday.

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ASUU Meets FG today over predominate strike causing anxiousness in Nigerian Universities





As the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, make arrangements to meets the Federal Government on Monday (today).Some students have shown concerns over the planned industrial action by ASUU

9jaflair reports that the  FG through the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, has scheduled to meet with the leadership of the union over the predominate strike action.

Recollect that the union had on June 19, threatened to embark on another strike over the alleged deliberate refusal of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Mr Ahmed Idris, to pay the salaries and remittance of check-off dues of over 1,000 staff for 13 months.

The ASUU chairman University of Jos, Dr Lazarus Maigoro who made the revelation in a press statement accused the AGF of fanning the embers of discord between the Federal Government and the Union.

In a move to forestall the industrial action, the Federal Government would meet with the union 2pm today to look at the unending issues.

Recollect  that the union had on March 23, 2020, embarked on an industrial action which lasted for over 9 months, the longest of its strike in 10 years over the inability of the Federal Government to address the issues and implement some agreement the two parties entered years ago.

Consisting thea fresh development, some students spoke with 9jaflair to register their grievances over incessant strike actions in Nigerian Universities.

A 300 level student of the Benue State University, Makurdi, Miss Martha Onuh, lamented the current move by ASUU, urging the union to put the interest of the students at heart.

She said, “After staying at home for a while during academic calendar year in 2020, you think I will be happy hearing that ASUU may still embark on strike? Sometimes I don’t even care to know who is at fault and who is right. The Federal Government and the union should put our interest at heart.

“I applied for 4 years course, this is my 5th year in the university yet I’m in 300 level. It’s bad,”she lamented.

Similarly, James a final year student of the University of Nigeria, Nnsuka in a chat with our correspondent, appealed to both parties to find a means of settling their differences without industrial action.

“Most times, ASUU would say that they are fighting for the benefit of the students but at the end, the students who they claim that they are fighting for are the ones losing.

“Is there no other way for a union to register its grievances without a strike action? The incessant industrial action by the union, to me has crippled Nigerian universities,” he added.

Also, a Master’s Degree student in the university of Abuja, Adebayo Micheal urged the Federal Government and ASUU to settle their differences once and for all.

He said, “We can not be talking about strike every year. It’s quite shameful that our education system is never stable. I think even if it would take them one whole year to settle their differences and end it forever, it would be better for the students.

We await the result of today’s meeting by the union with FG.

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Procrastination flew you away



Oh my loving Desdemona

Time could not wait for you

Your owners procastinate your life

But could not procrastinate your death

Delay caught you by the throat

Even when your owners were ready

Ready to save your life

Mr A was the problem

But Mr B cure was administered to you

Different pins went into your skin daily

These wicked vets., refused to allow your owners know about the nature of your sickness

These vets became useful fools

Even when the nature of your sickness was discovered

It was already too late

Too late to revive you

For the cold fingers already held you by the throat

For the sickness has eaten you deep

Deep beyond measures

The last pin entered your skin

Its content deliberating life or death

The last pin entered into your skin and its content sent you packing

Out of these beautiful world

Oh no the youngest owner watched

Watched the world crumble

For our beautiful Desdemona breath her last

Breath her last; at the same time tears dropped

Out of our last born’s eyes.

Summary: This write up is an Eulogy for the death of a dog. The owners of the dog lives at Oko-afo, Badagry. It was written by the last child of that family because of how close the child was to that dog, the last child is now a grown up and has decided to write an Eulogy for her lost Desdemona… Eulogy for a dog?


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