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February 16 Races: Among Nigerians and INEC



Based on INEC’s readiness in front of next Saturday’s general decision, clearly the races, especially that of the presidential race, is one between the discretionary umpire and Nigerians.

As the country tallies down to the following general race beginning with the presidential decision which is next Saturday, there are premonition signs that the races will be one between the Free National Constituent Commission (INEC) and the Nigerian individuals.

This dispute is upheld by glaring signs that the administration of the commission isn’t exhibiting persuading promise to working off on the achievements of the 2015 races, which in itself will be a stupendous insult to the nation and the global network. There are a bunch of such signs.

From all signs, many enrolled voters could have been disappointed by virtue of their failure to gather their Lasting Voters Card (PVC) had INEC not expanded the dates for accumulation. By INEC’s Race Rules and Directions, the accumulation of PVC was intended to have shut last Friday, a period a great many Nigerians dispersed over the majority of the country’s six geopolitical zones still couldn’t seem to get to their PVC and much of the time because of no blame of theirs.

A huge number of Nigerians were purposely disappointed by INEC staff from gathering their PVCs even after a few visits to the accumulation focuses. A considerable lot of them needed to rationalize multiple times from their managers to either be missing from work or resume work late to make sure they could gather their PVC all together that they could play out their community obligation of casting a ballot their decision competitors in the prospective races. In any case, their endeavors were supposedly baffled by the commission’s staff.

A few protests about this in the print and electronic media showed up not to have at first fed the commission’s initiative energetically to gadget a consistent procedure of PVC accumulation. Unquestionably, it would have been an arraignment on the commission if countless voters had been closed out of the casting a ballot procedure in the end.

A conceivable cure was inevitably contrived and that was by expanding the accumulation time past last Friday, which consequently opened a window with the impact till tomorrow, Monday, February 11. In any case, much may not be accomplished yet in the event that the procedure of accumulation and the practices of INEC staff accountable for discharging the PVCs continue as before.

The augmentation itself is one more coming up short, given that the commission had all of four years to get ready for the once-in-four-years custom. Anyway, why the very late surge? Be that as it may, while the expansion is praiseworthy, INEC can at present push till mid-week if to be sure it expects to indicate certified responsibility to conveying successfully with this race.

Positively, there are existential worries with INEC’s planning for the anticipated decision. Also, this stems from a couple of disliked arrangements contained in its 2019 Race Rules and Directions. Accordingly, by the commission’s distributed rules, certain arrangements don’t support free, reasonable and solid races, one of which is the selection of persistent accreditation and casting a ballot.

The request of INEC to receive the consistent voters’ accreditation and casting a ballot, against well known conclusion presented the commission to red hot reactions from different quarters similarly as its judgment has been boisterous among basic partners in the discretionary procedure.

In the 2015 races, what acquired was that distinctive belts were apportioned for accreditation of voters and casting a ballot appropriate. This determined the quantity of licensed voters previously casting a ballot started with the end goal that it checked the odds of votes cast dwarfing that of certify voters’ directly before hand. What’s more, where such was executed it made it simple to distinguish when matters get to discretionary suit organize. One of the qualities of this procedure is that it effectively comes convenient when settling instances of constituent question that verged on over-casting a ballot, poll stuffing and some other appointive cheats.

Some have contended that the procedure is tedious. The individuals who hold this view contended that enlisting, return home and afterward come back to cast a ballot is likewise awkward. It might be, yet it is unquestionably nothing an excessive amount to forfeit to support a malignity free decision, all things considered, it is only for that day.

In addition, certain eccentricity of the Nigerian condition, popular government and appointive procedure, which is still in its learning stages, knocks off the contention about time factor. This is much more so considering the inclination among Nigerian government officials and ideological groups to question each decision results that does not support them.

What more, the way that the constant accreditation and casting a ballot demonstrate is a fairly awkward procedure – where the procedures of accreditation and casting a ballot keeps running into one another, is even a convincing motivation to eject the model.

Added to this is the thinking that it removes straightforwardness from the procedure as it makes it hard to compare number of authorize voters against real votes cast on the off chance that there is discretionary question.

Plainly, INEC failed to understand the situation going for the constant accreditation and casting a ballot demonstrate even against open anxiety about it. As the colloquialism goes, why fix it when it’s not broken.

It is important that previous INEC Seat, Prof. Attahiru Jega accomplished such a great amount with the 2015 general race, since he conveyed all partners, including ideological groups along.

Conveying them along managed him the savvy decision of in some cases utilizing them as sounding load up, and a portion of their substantial perceptions and recommendations were fused into the races rules and directions amid his time. In the long run, he was broadly recognized not just to adhere to the concurred principles of commitment; he was likewise hailed by virtue of straightforwardness.

Shockingly, with the route INEC under Prof. Yakubu is going, it is left to be checked whether history would be that sort to him post-2019 general decision. There are solid worries that even with the presentation of electronic transmission of results directly from surveying units forward, it may in any case be an instance of one rotten one ruining the entire parcel.

Strikingly, the universal network has shown enthusiasm for the discretionary procedure, cautioning all players during the time spent the outcomes of truncating the procedure or mishandling it.

Strikingly, the universal network has shown its profound enthusiasm for the inevitable races. Weeks back, the European Association initiated its Decisions Onlooker Mission in the nation with a charge on all partners to guarantee the achievement of the procedure notwithstanding including that the race gave the nation the chance to merge on the additions of the 2015 races.

On its part, the Assembled States government had additionally cautioned that it was putting sure players in the process under watch even as it revealed that assents will be allotted to anyone that endeavored to baffle or truncate the procedure.

It is satisfying that the global network, especially the EU, The Region and the Assembled States are enthusiastic about an effective race and not simply content with basically bearing the nation and its numerous foundations respective help as it is critical that such help is defended with specific principles including the country’s discretionary procedure.

In the last examination, it is critical that the current INEC Administrator understands that the manner in which things have worked out at the commission under his supervision recommends that the race is among INEC and Nigerian electorate and unquestionably not one between the two driving ideological groups.

This is so in light of the fact that the gatherings have done their bits battling for votes thus far played by the tenets it concocted, while Nigerians on their part have indicated estimable preparation to practice their rights to vote in favor of their favored applicants and gatherings amid the decisions. The onus along these lines falls on the commission to guarantee that everything goes well and the decision is free, reasonable and dependable. No reasons will be valid.

It is likewise significant to remind Prof. Yakubu that being the one on whose table the buck stops, it is his name, profession and notoriety that are in question, consequently, he should guarantee that the race is effectively directed. He has a decision to make: regardless of whether to go the method for the legends like any semblance of Humphrey Nwosu and Jega or to go the method for Maurice Iwu and Ovie-Bourbon. The decision is extremely his’ and the world is holding on to see which one he in the long run makes.


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ASUU Strike: Awaiting meeting result of FG with the union is out




The meeting of the Federal Government with Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), was meant at evaluating the implementation of the Memorandum of Action (MOA) which was entered into by both parties and became successful.

Chris Ngige was interviewed and he said that the meeting analysed seven main issues with both parties expressing satisfaction with the completion stages, adding that “work is in progress”.

According to him, some of the items in the MOA were nearly done 100 percent within the time of the meeting.

The minister said that the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) was instructed to carry out action on the integrity test on the University Transparency Accountability Solution (UTAS).

He said, ”If successful, it will eliminate the challenges posed by the peculiarities of the university system to the current payment platform.”

Ngige said the government had also paid the N30 billion as the University Revitalisation Fund contained in the MOA since January 2021.

He said, “The report has been turned in, deliberated upon and both the Education Ministry and the NUC have promised to write to the Accountant General of the Federation next week for the release of the money to the NEEDS Special Account for onward disbursement to universities shortly.”

The minister added, “On the proliferation of State universities, a bill has been sent to the National Assembly by the NUC to strengthen its arms in terms of delisting universities where funding and other parameters are inadequate.

”ASUU is to go back to its members so that we can have a proper update on the extent of the inconsistencies in payment.

”We expressed our displeasure that these things are happening – amputation of salaries, not-too-clear, foggy things happening over peoples monthly emoluments. So we’ve asked IPPIS and ASUU to work together over this.”

Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment, disclosed this while addressing journalists at the end of a closed-door meeting in Abuja on Monday.

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ASUU Meets FG today over predominate strike causing anxiousness in Nigerian Universities





As the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, make arrangements to meets the Federal Government on Monday (today).Some students have shown concerns over the planned industrial action by ASUU

9jaflair reports that the  FG through the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, has scheduled to meet with the leadership of the union over the predominate strike action.

Recollect that the union had on June 19, threatened to embark on another strike over the alleged deliberate refusal of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Mr Ahmed Idris, to pay the salaries and remittance of check-off dues of over 1,000 staff for 13 months.

The ASUU chairman University of Jos, Dr Lazarus Maigoro who made the revelation in a press statement accused the AGF of fanning the embers of discord between the Federal Government and the Union.

In a move to forestall the industrial action, the Federal Government would meet with the union 2pm today to look at the unending issues.

Recollect  that the union had on March 23, 2020, embarked on an industrial action which lasted for over 9 months, the longest of its strike in 10 years over the inability of the Federal Government to address the issues and implement some agreement the two parties entered years ago.

Consisting thea fresh development, some students spoke with 9jaflair to register their grievances over incessant strike actions in Nigerian Universities.

A 300 level student of the Benue State University, Makurdi, Miss Martha Onuh, lamented the current move by ASUU, urging the union to put the interest of the students at heart.

She said, “After staying at home for a while during academic calendar year in 2020, you think I will be happy hearing that ASUU may still embark on strike? Sometimes I don’t even care to know who is at fault and who is right. The Federal Government and the union should put our interest at heart.

“I applied for 4 years course, this is my 5th year in the university yet I’m in 300 level. It’s bad,”she lamented.

Similarly, James a final year student of the University of Nigeria, Nnsuka in a chat with our correspondent, appealed to both parties to find a means of settling their differences without industrial action.

“Most times, ASUU would say that they are fighting for the benefit of the students but at the end, the students who they claim that they are fighting for are the ones losing.

“Is there no other way for a union to register its grievances without a strike action? The incessant industrial action by the union, to me has crippled Nigerian universities,” he added.

Also, a Master’s Degree student in the university of Abuja, Adebayo Micheal urged the Federal Government and ASUU to settle their differences once and for all.

He said, “We can not be talking about strike every year. It’s quite shameful that our education system is never stable. I think even if it would take them one whole year to settle their differences and end it forever, it would be better for the students.

We await the result of today’s meeting by the union with FG.

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Procrastination flew you away



Oh my loving Desdemona

Time could not wait for you

Your owners procastinate your life

But could not procrastinate your death

Delay caught you by the throat

Even when your owners were ready

Ready to save your life

Mr A was the problem

But Mr B cure was administered to you

Different pins went into your skin daily

These wicked vets., refused to allow your owners know about the nature of your sickness

These vets became useful fools

Even when the nature of your sickness was discovered

It was already too late

Too late to revive you

For the cold fingers already held you by the throat

For the sickness has eaten you deep

Deep beyond measures

The last pin entered your skin

Its content deliberating life or death

The last pin entered into your skin and its content sent you packing

Out of these beautiful world

Oh no the youngest owner watched

Watched the world crumble

For our beautiful Desdemona breath her last

Breath her last; at the same time tears dropped

Out of our last born’s eyes.

Summary: This write up is an Eulogy for the death of a dog. The owners of the dog lives at Oko-afo, Badagry. It was written by the last child of that family because of how close the child was to that dog, the last child is now a grown up and has decided to write an Eulogy for her lost Desdemona… Eulogy for a dog?


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